logo_cp_newCung Phat Co.,Ltd was established in co-operation more 10 years of experience Composite FRP leading specialist (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic).
Combination between Resin and Fiberglass make products have preeminent feature in severe weatherconditions and hard corrosion environment.

FRP products are widely used in the waste water treatment , chemical, food industries and applied for many other fields.

  • We have a proven team of technical expert staff with wide experience to prepare design calculation to determine the FRP tank / vessel thickness for structural integrity ; and construction drawings to satisfy the Client’s requirement.
  • We also provide site installation service, modification & repair works for all the FRP tanks / vessels.

We manufacture the FRP tanks used for water storage, chemical’s storage and vessels for chemical reaction. The behaviors and the properties of the tanks depend on the grade resins used for fabrication purpose. Our high-grade resins withstand strong chemicals and high temperature.

We also manufacture. Our tanks design based on ASTM D3299-95a, BS4994, ASTM 4097, ASME-RTP-1-2005 or customer specification.

  • FRP Chemical Tanks
  • FRP Chemicals Tanks c/W Handrail & Cat Ladder
  • FRP Polishing PackageTank
  • FRP Rectangular Tank
  • FRP Horizontal Tank
  • FRP Cone Bottom Tank
  • Waste Water Plant
  • FRP Tank Insulated With PU/Rockwool
  • Internal 3mmthk PVDF reinforced with FRP
  • FRP Horizontal Tank
  • FRP Open Top Tanks

FRP lining is treated as a signification application in fibreglass industry. Using our special grade resins could attain various properties. The high-grade resins that we develop can withstand the impact of strong acids / caustic and temperature.

  • FRP Lining onto Sump Pit
  • FRP Lining onto Concrete Floor
  • FRP Lining onto Glassflake
  • FRP Lining onto Chemical Tanker
  • FRP Lining onto Tank and
  • FRP Lining onto steel tanks & concrete tanks, chemical plant, industry floor, scrubbers, dampers & stacks.

Beside FRP Tanks and FRP Lining, we had ventured into the manufacturing of scrubbers, stacks, ducts and dampers over the past few years. We have the capability and experience to fabricate the scrubbers based on the customer’s design or requirements.