Nowadays, FRP is widely used for manufaturing details of equipment in chemical industries. FRP is known as the best material which is high resistance to corrosion and high strength capacity.

Our FRP Tank is manufactured from high-grade resins withstand strong chemicals & environment corrosion. Moreover, repairing & maintaining expense is low because we can make lining FRP onto the tank and ensure it steady & safety. Therefore, FRP tank is suitably used for waste treatment, chemical storage, solvens or food processing.

FRP Tank is manufactured from FRP moulds and executed the work at site, for this reason The Tank have diversified dimension & figure belong to using purpose. Therefore, it satisfy customer’s demand well.

FRP Tank weight is light, unconductive, soundproof.

FRP Tank is lighter than steel tank from 4 to 8 times. Thus, transportation become easier and saving cost.

FRP Tank is unconductive to make safety working environment. Moreover, during mixing & stirring chemical solution, noise is decreased to help worker feel comfortable in working because of soundproof charisteristic.


Our products can be used in either new application or for replacing existing application which is exposed to corrosive environment applications can be found in all types of industrial.

We also have capability to fabricate special custom made FRP products based on client’s requirement by unique shape and size as picture showing below.